Welcome to Dubai Electronic Visa Centre Bangladesh

Welcome to Dubai Electronic Visa Centre, Bangladesh. For Dubai, hospitality has been a tradition for centuries. Today Dubai extends this to all holiday makers as well as business visitors to experience the facilities of the highest international standards combined with the charm and adventure of Arabia-an exquisite blend of modern amenities and timeless desert.

With a perfect climate, top class well-known brand hotels, superb facilities for sports and leisure activities and excellent shopping, Dubai offers something for everyone.

The Dubai visit is now made easy with the appointment of Saimon Overseas Ltd, a leading Travel Service Provider, to act as the outsourced visa service provider for Emirates on behalf of Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department.
Applicants traveling to UAE on Emirates can apply for their UAE visa at the Dubai Visa Application Centre located in Bangladesh.

Emirates airlines and Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department appointed Saimon Overseas Ltd. to carry out the processing of Visa applications for all passengers traveling to UAE on Emirates.

Saimon group has extended interests in the business of providing Visa facilitation services for USA, acting as GSA of Qantas, Kenya Airways, PSA of United Airlines, acting as the Principal Travel Services Representative of American Express and also in providing Holiday packages, recruitment etc.